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what do i do? what is he trying to say.?

Published on March 3, 2010 by shari123

me and my bf have been dating 2YRS and 5 months now. but things have been seeming bumpy we are not agreeing on things. he doesnt like to talk things out he rather not really talk to me untill hes calm but still at that he still doesnt talk after, ive been wanting to talk out our problem and he get upset when i try to talk to him. last night he told me that i dont love him, and that im confused.

He says im confused for the fact that he thinks that im confused about how i feel about him. now were bacsically not talking no more that 1 text in between 3 hrs.

  • i am a wonderful girl i help him, i love him deeply, i try to make sure he is happy all the time. there is no reason he should think i dont love him. is there something that he is trying to say but cant, im so confused, and i love this man deeply, never cheated on him nothing since the day we got together. Im what they consider a good girl.


It sounds like it honestly isn't you, it's him. There's no way to know for sure why he's saying those things. He could be attempting to end the relationship by trying to convince you that you don't love him. Or maybe he's telling himself that so he doesn't feel guilty about wanting to break up. Or maybe he's the one who's confused and he's reflecting his own personal feelings on you. Whatever the case may be, there's no way to fix the problem unless he's willing to listen to what you have to say. Make sure that he knows you do love him. That he can't tell you how you feel and you aren't confused. But ask him what his feelings are. Why does he feel this way? You mention that he is unwilling to talk to you about the problem. Honestly, if he isn't willing to listen to you, there really isn't anything you can do to make things work with someone who won't communicate.

Don't let him flip the tables on you so easily. Accusing you of not loving him seems like an attention getting tactic. It seems he's confused and acting petulant. You can't fix it if he won't open up and communicate.

I think you should tell him that you want to work on this, but it is going to be impossible if he can't communicate what he thinks and wants.

you and i have the same problem me and my bf have been together for two years and he acts the same way i think its because he feels that he does much less for me so he feels like his not good enough and starts fights to make it look like whatever was my fault. Guys are weird just let him know that hes a good boyfriend give him a few props so he can feel like his doing the same as u.