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What do I do with a MIL who will not stop swearing and berating my kids in public?

Published on April 27, 2009 by redmom

Grandma's favorite word is the "F" word, even when the kids ask her to stop she won't and she will say she can use any kind of language she wants. She has verbally berated, very loudly, my kids in public and used swear words. It could be about anything from how the kids forgot to put deoderant on that day to the color of the shirt they are wearing.


Sounds like it's time to stop seeing Grandma. Odd are if this is how she treats your kids in public, it's worse in private. Tell her that you don't appreciate how she treats your kids, that it is damaging to your children and that all visits will be limited and supervised. You can't change her. But you can show your kids that they have an ally who doesn't like them to be treated like this.