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What do i do if i like a taken guy?

Published on July 5, 2010 by lce1009

Well, I like this guy who has a girlfriend. I met him a year ago and right away we started with the flirting. Recently, we have become more closer. We text everynight, we hang out practically everyday, and flirt with each other. All our friends have asked us what is going on between us. Even a teacher asked us if we were going out. It seems like everyone see's the connection between us, but the problem is... He has a gf! He NEVER mentions her ! If I invite him places, and he can't go or whatever, he says he's busy.. or he won't answer my texts when he's with her. All my friends tell me to tell him how I feel, but i am just scared to what he might say. But then if I don't say anything I am just wasting my time with him!! And I really like this guy. We have sooo much in common, its ridiculous! He says all these cute things.. but IDK! I just don't know what to do or whether I should even tell him! ????


If this guy has a girlfriend you should NOT be pursuing him PERIOD! And he should not be acting like he's trying to pursue you. Move on and find someone who is available. Best of luck and I'll be praying for you.

CARLY: yess I totally get you! I feel horrible even liking him.. but he makes it super hard to not flirt back when i like him and when he does it too! And I think that if I don't say anything then he's going to continue to be the same way, unless I set him straight no? Or an I seeing this the wrong way? I wish moving on was as easy as it sounds. Its just this guy is amazing, except the fact he has gf. Let me put it this way, he is basically everything I've been looking for. Makes things super hard huh? soo confused!

If he has a girl friend and hes leading you on, what makes you think that he will be with you and not lead another person on.....thats just a heartbreak waiting to happen...I would move on, best of luck to you!!