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What do I do about my boyfriend's small penis?

Published on September 8, 2011 by sabrinac

My boyfriend is sweet and cute, but he has the tiniest penis I've ever seen. I'm looser than average to begin with, and I've never been able to feel it inside me. After a year or so, I've turned to cheating on him with multiple larger men, and I've developed a craving for black men. I feel bad about it, but I also love it, and I know he will never satisfy me. I don't want to break up with him. I just want him to be ok with it. Should I tell him, or keep cheating behind his back? How would I even tell him?


I hate to say this but he won't be getting any bigger than he is! You need to break this off NOW!!!! How would you feel if this were the other way around? Would you want him to stay with you and keep cheating? You say he is sweet and cute...You don't say "I love him...but" So let him go and then you can go screw whoever and how many ever guys you want without consequences or guilt. How would you tell him you ask??...Just say you think you need to move on and that nothing he says or does will change that.

Hi Sabrina, You sound very young. I'd be interested in knowing your age.Be that as it may you might want to consider what is more important to you: The sex or the relationship. Clearly if you are having sex with other guys, not telling your boyfriend about it and subsequently feeling guilt then there is a serious problem. You can't have an intimate and serious relationship while 'fooling' around. Moreover I suspect that your boyfriend's small penis is not the problem. Something else is going on and I suspect it has to do with anger issues. Please contact me for further discussion. Best, Michael Fischman,MA,MSW,LCSW-R,CGP (917)562-2831

Obviously you don't want to hurt his feelings but it is ok to find a solution that 'fits your needs'. Maybe he would consider using a dildo with you or wearing a strap-on. Guys like tools and sex toys are no different. Just make sure he has fun too! He will still get his rocks off, and you'll stop you're cheating and focus on him.

I am currently seeing someone who too has a small penis. My last boyfriend was very large. But I have to say the sex is just as good. We use a lot of toys and oral and he makes sure I'm completely satisfied. When I'm about to cum is when he enters me. You need to talk with him about added toys, dont say its because of him being small just thought it would be fun in bed. See what he says. Otherwise, your going to continue cheating on him and believe me, I've cheated once in the past and it is the most stressful thing you can do and it NEVER works out for you. Good luck.

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