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What do I do?

Published on January 30, 2014 by sunshinesally1966

We have been dating for 2 months. Everything was going great, became really good friends first. Then on a saturday, the last text I got was at 12:03pm, haven't heard from him since. Have tected, and called numerous times, no answer. We had planned to hang out out that Saturday night. Never a cross or hard word to each other. My heart is hurt, What do I do? Let go??


he failed to meet you when you planned to. EUUW#! That just smells like puke all over. You sound like you have the patience to wait around for this jerk. Perhaps you may find someone who has the patience to treat you as kind as you've treated this jerk. Don't give up. I'm not saying be a jerk yourself but, holy hanna, he let you down. Hands down.

I don't understand why women should wait(and waste valuable time) for the man to make a decision about anything. that could take days, weeks, months.