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What do I do?

Published on July 4, 2013 by strandedat18

I've been seeing this guy I went to middle school with officially for a year and half, we've been on and off for 5 years though. We basically grew up together as friends and then began to have feelings for eachother after some time. The beginning months were almost perfect, we hung out all the time and rely got to know eachother. For our one year he bought me a gorgeous promise ring that he allowed me to pick out and even asked my mother to accompany us. After about two weeks of havin the ring he became really distant and just sort of acted like he didnt care anymore. We broke up for about three weeks and it was really hard. He was talking to this other girl a year younger than us and I started talking to this other guy. It was obvious that out of habit we were still hooking up and hanging out which I knew wasn't ok. He decided to stop talking to this other girl and I did the same. We ended up getting back together. He hasn't seemed to be able to stop talking to other people though. He knows that it hurts me when he does it and I've threatened to break up with him over it. He says he only talks to other girls when he's pissed off at me for something, really immature I know. He knows that when I Break up with him it one last long because we are both crazy about eachother and often talked about marriage and stuff. I don't want to keep breaking up with him because it makes me about as miserable as can be but I don't want to have him always do this and just think I'm always going to accept his apologies. I know he feels bad about it and cares about me alot but it's like he can't stop having a backup plan when he thinks things aren't working out with us. Help is appreciated greatly.


I myself have been in your shoes and well...we broke up in a really bad way but what i found out was there was someone better out there who treats me as good as i treat them. I feel more like a person than just an object that can be dropped my advice is as hard as it should leave him there is better out there and no you wont find it straight away its better than putting yourself through pain.