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What to do in this case ?

Published on July 25, 2012 by ioana stoica

A few days ago i start a conversations with a man in facebook about photos quality and this stuff he is older than me i have no problem with this .Then he start to ask me about what old i have and this stuff we continue a long conversations and talk about personal stuff in a short time ,the questions that he repeted to me over ,and over is :,,you exclud totally the fact that will exist something between us ,,please tell me i try to understand you .I avoid the questions he repeted what is wrong if we meet and talk ?Nothing but i think is to soon i said .My conversation ton was no we stop talking i think he is ..i don,t know .I want to start again to talk with him i want that but i was thinking no way he have to start if really is intrested.I realized that i can,t stop thinking at him i like the way he look ,dress,what he is doing .He has the quality that are in my list for my ideal man .I usually don,t need someone else to tell me do this ,or act like but this situatin is so...i don,t know what to do i feel that he is the person that when i meet him i want to be courgeous! Thank you so so much !I wait for you advice !


Sounds dangerous to me. Stick to meeting guys through friends, hobbies, and college, if you go to school. If you do ever meet someone you don't know, meet at a busy public place and don't give him your address until you've been on at least 3 dates and have a good gut feeling about him. Never chase a man. It never works.

Thanks safire, i don,t chase men i like to be chase my problem is that i say no and when he stop talking i,am thinking why not!I,am wird i know .