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What to do with an aggressive wife.

Published on June 11, 2010 by iro

My wife always challenges whatever decision I take even if she doesn't have a better alternative.We are married for over 20 years with children.She repulses intervention from her family members to settle the difference.What do I do?


Why not spend time alone with her and stop criticizing her and just listen to her so you can then go deeper into her to help her to love herself and others? If you keep critizing her or jumping on her and other family does the same she will close off from what you have to say because you are cornering her.

You as the spouse should be able to know her better than anyone to where you would be able to communicate with her on a deeper level, but you have to earn the right to be heard and it won't happen with attacks, but with true genuine unselfish and selfless love.

It sounds like you and the family jump on her and corner her. Anyone who counsels others will know that even if you think you see the answer, you can't just blurt it out if the person is not ready to hear it--even if it is true.

It's difficult to have a person constantly criticize everything thing. Family members should never intervene.. Nor should everything be discussed with them..

I agree with yafa a little.. The part to be alone with her.. gently explain your feelings and then listen to hers. I'm sure you have tried this, well try again.

Maybe you two need to go to couple's counseling and work out your problems with your wife with some kind of professional intermediary who doesn't have any personal leanings or biases. A relative of mine is in this kind of relationship, and it is an extreme drain on his spirit. He is finally going to a therapist, and has shown some signs of improvement.