The fact that you're able to discern that the stress you're feeling is coming from the spiritual part of your self is actually a really good thing.
It means you're aware and at least honing in on the source of unresolved issues you've been experiencing, probably for a long time. And depending upon your beliefs, very possibly from multiple past existences.

The good thing is that the stress and discomfort you're experiencing is a key to where you should be looking for the answers. Likely something from the past that caused pain or suffering to yourself or others, and likely something you, deep down inside, don't really want to look at, either.

However, the fact that it's surfacing or coming up into your consciousness now is a good sign that it's getting ready, wanting to be released. Only thing is, it's not just going to go away by itself or by getting "help" from some healer or someone outside of you to take it away. This is calling for your full participation, awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness, even it it turns out to be something someone else did to you.

Get quiet and ask to be shown what the unresolved issue is. And then don't be afraid to go into the feeling. You might be surprised at the "aha" awareness, the pearl or gift waiting for you there, once you can be open and have the courage to accept the truth.

Wish there was an "easier" remedy. Time to face the music. That's what you came here for. Kudos to you for reaching out and asking for help. Good work, Carlos!

Nancy Lee Bentley, Wholistic Health Expert

Spiritual stress can happen for a number of reasons. each of these reasons may lead to different ways for you to respond as well as how you will look at it.

Stress can arise when your spirituality is in opposition to the world and culture within which you find yourself. A teenager may face peer pressure to become sexually active but feel from a spiritual standpoint that this is not the time for that, for example. Similarly, you may feel an obligation to follow rules but find yourself working in an environment where rules are "bent".

Stress can arise when two parts of your spirituality come into conflict with each other. For example, a man may feel an obligation to remain home to care for the household that his widow mother cannot care for yet at the same time feel that part of his vocation is fatherhood within the context of marriage.

Stress can arise because foundational parts of your spirituality have been challenged or even rejected. This leaves the parts of your spirituality built on these in a shaky place. For example, a Christian that started to believe in reincarnation would then start having questions about salvation.

Stress can come when you start to take ownership of a spirituality that you had previously been accepting just because of referential authority (it is what your parents taught you or what you learned in a religious context). At this point a lot more may feel uncertain and how it all fits together may feel very fragile.

Stress can come from how your spirituality interacts with other dimensions of your life. For example, your spirituality includes the idea that you should only be married once and you are already divorced, yet, you meet a woman that you are really attracted to and want to develop into a significant relationship. You have to somehow reconcile these factors.

While the stress can cause you problems (and if it does you should certainly seek professional help) it can also be the source of growth and new strength. Claim that part as you move forward to find peace and wholeness in your life.

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