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what can I do if I always get pushed away

Published on April 20, 2013 by tiyani1986

I'm staying my the father of my child for 6 years now but I sometimes get pushed away. He want to be with me only when he wants to and hardly spend time with me, he has just got another job outside the city and things has just got worse, he ignore my calls and when I ask he makes excuses,when he came back his phone had a password on. He wanna get married to me next month but I think marriage will be just a status and every time I feel like being pushed away by his behaviour and might end up loosing interest coz I aint getting the love I deserve.


What you are describing does not sound like the behavior of a man who wants to marry you in a month. As a couple, you've definitely got some issues to work out. I would suggest you try to get some pre-marital counseling (churches are great - even if you are not a member there)

NOT AGAIN!!!!LOL...Wow , ladies please stop trying to act like the 7 year itch is not affecting your aggression and passive aggressive behavior. Have you been "getting the love you deserved" all the years before this? I assume yes. i think its best to keep in mind you ARE NOT MARRIED YET, and you both have to agree on what CORE BELIEF SYSTEMS you both have that may interfere when you do get married.for instance your already in subtle forms CALLING HIM A LIAR so that is a very bad habit of yours and just using he now keeps "his phone locked with a password" is not reason enough to suggest he is hiding something. I would second the opinion of the first message above who suggest you all find a pastor at church to give you all relationship counseling prior to marriage so you both can have the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT TO GET BOTH YOUR CONCERNS out in the open. Your "Trust ISSUES" concerning him being in another city will only get worse and I for one as a man will dump any woman who constantly accuses me of doing things and making excuses when I have never been good at telling lies. Marriages, especially one in the last stages of the 7 year itch where the man is pressured and feeling the heat to appease and assure you can be draining and aggravating. If i were you I would ask him if he would go to counseling with you and YOU GO ALONE NOW. If a man has promised to marry you and your riding his back like this be careful you don't scare him away and he runs; You are giving him an incentive to run or you should postpone the marriage until you get counseling to deal with your trust issues, control issues, and suspicions. No disrespect , but i cant see any marriage lasting forever if your already doubting him and lack faith in him to trust him or his word. do you both a favor and let him go if your going to question him in this long distant marriage arrangement