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Published on July 8, 2012 by ekojoto

I am cute and 36years old but the lady who has shown me love is 21years. She fell deeply in love with me but I wasn't interested because she is cute and doesn,t posses the kind of structure and complexion I become facinated with, however, I was in a relationship. I have experienced different relationships and left my past one due to inadequate trust though we started the counselling session but she had not been in any and was a virgin.

This young lady tried on several occasions to get my attension/ to win my love through calls, visitation, gifts, good cookings and cleaning, hardwork, helping me in the business that I do etc.

Infact I responded to all of these with rejection/ ignoring her and her calls, sometimes not eating her meals, giving attension to other ladies I would wish to get marry to right in her presence and many more. I even told her a lie further and prove to her that I had two kids from my past relationships BUT she never lost hope in winning my love.

I tried on different occasions to enquire her reason for wanting my love but simply didn't know why she has develop that strong desire/ love for me because I'm not wealthy and not soo handsome though presentable. She even went further and I quote: "Sometimes I weep and pray to God to help me to forget about you due to the bitter treatment you have been giving me but the more I desire for you. Infact, I dont know what will happen if you marry someone else"

I decided to give her the chance after placing her on all kinds of tests within one full year and she is doing marvellously well to me in the human fronts not very sure about her spirit and our future. She has been talking about me to her friends even introduced me to her Dad and other family members, and friends of hers but I have not.

She always want to be with me or in my alms. Because of distance, we have to call ourselves but she will call soooooo much that I get upset. Every little thing, she will call or ask me to call.

My problem are:

  1. She is in the University and would like to complete next year (July, 2013) before she get marrried to me as I would be 37years old.

  2. She would have to do National Service for one year ending August, 2014 before she can start looking for job to support me.

  3. Though I have also developed love for her I see her to be too young and infact she also does because she normally request me to wear clothings which will make me look younger.

  4. Also I really don't know if such strong love for me is backed by any spiritual force to distroy my future because my finances has been retrogressing though doing two jobs, however, she is not demanding too.

  5. She seems to be worried about my ejaculation within few minutes during sex

  6. She needs soo much attension

Please I need expert advise! Though we are both in love;

-Is it advisable for me to wait and marry her

-Can we sustain the future in marriage


You mentioned at the very end that you are both in love, but frankly it doesn't sound like it.

  1. People in love don't feel smothered by each other.
  2. People in love accept each other exactly as they are.
  3. People in love don't feel that they are the object of someone's obsession.
  4. People who are capable of real love are emotionally healthy.

Good luck. If you need a laugh, do an internet search for "The Best Of The Crazy Girlfriend Meme."

  1. She seems to be (disturbingly) obsessed with you despite every effort to run her off - doesn't sound good.
  2. Why would she have to find a job to support you?
  3. Why are you having sex with her if you have all these uncertainties and questions?

I'm not getting very hopeful feelings for this relationship.

At the end you said please I need expert advise! Though we are both in love. Well you both may be in love but from what I read it with the same person which is you in case you dont get what I mean its simple you love yourself as much as she thinks she loves you and what is this in problem number 2 that she cant start looking for a job to support you WOW what a real man