Any age is right, except too young. Anything below 20 is a questionable age. But when you have your life as an individual AND as a couple situated, then is good. No real age matters. Just play it smart.

People who get married after they're 25 are much less likely to get divorced. People who finish college are also much less likely to get divorced.

Basically when you find someone you love is a good time, so long as you've finished college.

At 23, I married the guy I was head-over-heels with. He was my world. It lasted until I was 29 (and we had two kids.) Then he cheated. I remarried at 30 because I liked being married. He was 32, but he wasn't cut out to be a step-dad. I've been with my current boyfriend for 8 years. We don't plan to get married until our respective kids are grown (we'll both be in our 40's). My brother and his wife were high school sweethearts and married as soon as she graduated. They've been married 21 years. It has nothing to do with an age. It has to do with maturity and commitment to making it work. When the blazing passion recedes into glowing coals, will you still like being with this guy? Or is he going to hold you back from living your life?