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At what age do women no longer want sex?

Published on July 25, 2009 by silver fox

I have lot of years behind me and I still love sex. I can get it up and I feel it is important to still use it.

My current girlfriend tells me I wont find women who want it twice a week in our age group.

My ex counselor and my current counselor says there are women out there who want what I want a nd my desires are not excessive.


It sounds like your girlfriend doesn't want to have sex twice a week. I think that's more important than what other people in your age group want.

If your girlfriend has a physical problem that is keeping her from enjoying sex, she should get it treated, but it may be that she just doesn't want it that often.

Using your equipment is good for your health in many ways, including your ability to go on using it. However, maybe you could take care of yourself once a week or masturbate while cuddling with her, etc.

Adding on to what Black Iris says (which I agree with), I'm just curious if she has told you why she doesn't/can't have sex twice a week. Really more curious if you've had this discussion with her and what the outcome was, if she actually gave you a reason or just left it at not wanting to engage in sex that often.

Well, here's one link that says married couple in their 20's have sex 10-12 times/month, 4-7 times/month in their 40s and 50s, and less than twice a month in their 70s.

And the AARP found half of 45-59 year olds were having sex at least once a week, with the percentage lower for 60-74 year olds.

There could be lots of reasons for people to have less sex as they get older (illness, no partner), but it might also be that a woman just wants it less than she used to.