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We've met in the internet and fall in love deeply. Is he really serious with me?

Published on March 5, 2010 by redtulip

We have met in the internet and became friends but as communications became too often we fell in love with each other to make the long story short. I trust him so much and gave all my time just to make sure this relationship will work and he will do his part for him to come here from the UK to see me here in Asia. But the problem is only after 2 to 3 years because he made plans already even before he met me. Do you think he's really serious with me as I love him really badly. Please advice. Thank you.


Online love is not unheard of and there are success stories out there. Having said that asking someone to hang on for 2-3 years is quite a lot, especially if you haven't even met. Is there a way you can make the trip to the UK to meet him at least? Before making such big decisions its important to get the facts straight, and seeing someone in his element will often tell you things about them no amount of chatting will point to. Chatting online is often a short-cut to falling in love because we pour out our hearts in a setting where the other has time to process these things and respond more coherently than normal human interaction allows for. Again I am not putting the whole situation down blankly I just think you need to try and get more info (i.e. face to face contact), to assess the connection, before handing him the lock to your chastity belt. I wish you all the best!