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We've Been Dating Almost A Year—Is It Too Late To Start Talking Dirty Now?

Published on April 25, 2013 by lovenews12

I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year. Lately, I've found myself wanting to experiment with dirty talk, but is it too late to start talking dirty now?


DurexAccording to relationship expert Moushumi Ghose, dirty talk is a great way to have more fun in the bedroom! If you're unsure how your partner will receive it, try slowly incorporating more sexy talk into your sexy time. Check out her video below for more advice:

It is NEVER to late to start talking dirty! Anything that tells your man your into him is ALWAYS welcome.

Dirty talk is great as long as you don't call that person by your ex's Some guys also like quiet(to each his own) and may want to hear themselves think out loud as well. Here is the catch : be aware it goes both ways and don't be surprised if he calls you out of your name and at least broach the conversation so you both know what is "conditional" and what words you prefer to be called, You feel me? Because we guys can be raunchy and if if calls you for instance " A dirty nasty cum whore" or if its interracial " You white/black filthy trick" ...Will you be upset,pissed off, or offended? Its not unusual to have a list of words that come out in the spree of the moment that are going to not sound so nice, but you have to remember that you have to have a thick skin because I do know that a little alcohol can make people say the weirdest things and you'd be shocked at what he called you...Humor yourself and don't take it too serious, and have fun. Dirty talking can be exuberating

It's never too late for some dirty talk. And after a year, you probably could use a way to spice things up. Throw him a curveball with a little sexting and see how much hotter things are in the bedroom tonight :)

it's never too late! and the dirtier the better, trust me you wont be sorry. if at first he is put off dont worry just keep at it he will learn to like it. he may even love it when you show him who's boss=)