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Is wearing a weave a dealbreaker?

Published on June 6, 2010 by pirategrrl775

So, I have some hair issues, as many black women do. I've had a lot of damage to my hair, so this is how I hide it. I just started dating a guy that loves my long hair, so how do I tell him it's not mine? We really seem to like each other, and I am hoping this will not be an issue.


Well, some of us white ladies have hair issues too! Don't even get me started! As far as telling your new guy about the hair issues, maybe it's a little too early to share that personal information. You want to give it some time, make sure you like each other as people. Get to know each other better If he "truly" cares about you, this hair issue won't make a bit of difference.

No. A weave is not a deal breaker. It's not something that even concerns him. It's the equivalent to having fake nails. Who cares? I don't think you even need to bring it up.