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We played phone tag after first date, now I'm I call or continue to wait?

Published on April 7, 2010 by reneeg39

Had a first date with a guy last Tuesday whom I met online. I walked in with no expectations and was surprised just how much we connected and that I was in fact very interested in him- which seemed mutual. He mentioned several times about wanting to get together for a second date and once we left the venue this was brought up again. The coming weekend was a holiday and I had several jobs booked- so both of us were busy. He had asked if he could call me or I could certainly call him too over the weekend. At that moment I had been focusing on just how busy I was going to be and said he could call but I probably wouldn't be able to talk. Yes, bad answer. Once Friday came, I decided to call and left a message letting him know I had had a good time, looking forward to getting together next week, he could in fact call me over the weekend- I'm busy but will be around here and there, etc. The next day he did call back- but left no message. I phoned back about an hour later, letting him know I would be around until 6:30 that night. It's now the next week, Wed. and I haven't heard back again. I'm not sure at this point if I keep waiting, if it's ok for me to ring again, or just move on??


You might be hitting too heavy in the phone tag area. Usually when I call I leave a message the first time but not the second. You don't want to bombard him with messages. Why not try emailing him? Just let him know you're sorry you've been so busy but would love to try for that second date and let him know when you're free. Email is good because he can answer it whenever and it doesn't seem like you're coming on too strong. If he doesn't answer your email, he's probably not interested.

I agree with adrian. Lay off the phone and send an email. If you don't have his email then, just wait. It's only been a few days.