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We need Help

Published on March 1, 2013 by mmman54495

I will make this short and sweet. My wife and I have a girlfriend now for 3 years she married an XBF so her children had a permanent home in the town they lived in all there life she has her room and he sleeps in the basement and if anyone were to ask him he would say it is a loving and caring normal marriage which is far from the truth we feel that sometimes he will sneak her some of his crazy meds and keep her knocked out as a way to control her and over the past few days of even 10 days we think he put a spy cell phone tracker on her phone and we gave her the phone and pay the bill does anyone have an Idea on how we can find out because our carrier said they don't know of any so please help so we can find out and if he has I will have him prosecuted please help us


If he's planted a physical bug in the phone, it can be found by a knowledgable technician. If he's slipping her drugs or medication, a simple blood test should be able to detect them. Both bugging her phone and slipping her drugs are each serious crimes (felonies in most or all states).

Should these turn out to be the case, she is in danger and needs to get away from him. Evidence of drugging will be enough to get a restraining order against him (not sure if bugging her phone will). If this happens, things will get very ugly, as I'm certain her unconventional relationship with you will be used against her and as evidence that she is an unfit mother.

She needs to officially divorce her husband and get him out of her life.