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We are from different religions. It's a problem for my parents and my religion but I don't want to lose him.

Published on May 5, 2010 by love_rain

I really love this guy but I'm Muslim and he's Christian. My parents do not want guys of any other religions. I think we fit well together because we have the same interests and feelings. For my parents and of religious reasons it won't work until he's muslim. I never really asked him or want to ask him if he would convert to Islam. I don't want to force him to convert to Islam. Should I ask him? Or would our relationship work? What should I do? Please help me.


A couple marries not only each other but the families. Yours is not a win , win situation. You convert, your family is up set; he converts, his family is up set. A relationship is hard enough without having hostility from the families. I lost the love of my life to differences in families.

well am a christian too and we have this believe that what will be will be, dont be in a rush wait if u believe in Allah he will do it for both of u and make ur understand with u too that what u need is a happy home not just for religious porpose only sit him down and ask him what his own family think about u since u are a muslim, then i think the both of u can work things out. In west african where am from, they do say woman dont have her own religion, as long as u are married u belong to ur husband family this is a civilised generation we are now not everything our parent should choose for usespecially when its comes to marriage issue because you are the one who will leave with the man not them so you should no what u want and but religion aside of this, i wish u all the best.

If you realy love you,ask him to convert and if he is in love will do it without any fus.

VERY IMPORTANT: You need to find out how your guy feels about your beliefs and your religion. Remember: you're about to ask him to leave a religion he's known all his life and may be pretty comfortable with.

As sevencomeeleve points out, getting your significant other to convert could get pretty difficult. In-laws tend to harbor resentment if their son/daughter leaves a religion to be with their spouse. They tend to view it as a type of betrayal, and usually transfer these feelings onto their son/daughter-in-law. Having disagreeable in-laws is, well, not exactly fun.

If one, or even both of you are very religious (regular worship attendance, observant of principles governing your religion, etc), not deciding to choose a common religion may not work, either. Are you comfortable with your husband staying at home, or going out while you go to worship? Also, if/when you have kids, until they get to the age where they can choose for themselves, will you put them through going to different worship sessons several times a week, and with only one parent at a time? Or do you plan to always leave them at home?

With issues like these, you can't only think about what happens up to the day of the marriage - you have to keep the future in mind.

Hi Love_rain. For the sake of peace in both your family and his family, my advice is to stop thinking about him asap and stop seeing him. If down the road one of you converts to the other's religion out of a genuine shift in beliefs and you all are still single and still find each other interesting go for it :-) I wish you all the best.