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Was this just a summer fling?? Should I be worried or just chill?

Published on September 8, 2010 by chantaymcd

This summer was so unexpected! I met my boyfriend(after 4 years of the single life) over the summer at a summer camp (where my mom worked), and we became really close. There was so much chemistry and our personalities just clicked! So, towards the middle of the summer, I received a job at a different summer camp. Which meant I was not gonna be able to come to his job and volunteer, like I was doing. 2 days before I was to start my new job he pulled me aside, and told me that he did have feelings for me, he liked me, and he didn't want me to leave (but I did). He had a girlfriend at the time, but he said that they were having problems and he was going to break up with her. I did ask him was he going to do me the same way he did his ex? Was he gonna just break up with me after he (maybe) found something better, and he told me "No!" (even though he could have been telling a lie...???). So after that day and from then on, we were inseparable. After we both got off from work, he was at my house constantly, until after 10 or 11 at night. He would be my alarm clock in the morning (to wake me up for work) and he would be the last person I would talk to before I drifted off to sleep. Which I LOVED!

After camp was over, he was at my house everyday, and when he wasn't at my house we were constantly on the phone. Which I also LOVED! I knew eventually that we would have to separate, because he goes to school 2 hours away from home. I had sooooo much fun with him this summer!

But, I didn't think that I would barely hear from him. I asked him before he left did he think we should "take a break"? and he told me "No, for what?" and I also asked him did I have to worry about any other girls, and he told me "No!" He has all my numbers, and he has called and I have missed some of his calls, but I had always returned them back with either a call back or a text (to let him know that I was sorry for missing his calls and or what I was doing to "accidentally" miss his calls). He has text me also. But, I wanna know why he doesn't call everyday like used to. In my other relationships I've always had to be the one to call, but with him he's always called me, I've never had to call him first. I know that he's in school now, and he's more focused on his books than anything. But, shouldn't he give me @ least 5-10 mins. of his time everyday, just to call or text me?? Ive never had a boyfriend that's had to be 2 hours away from me for more than 1 month, so I'm new to this...but if you could help me please do!! =) I really, really, really like him and I wanna make this work!!!


It's possible that he's really busy with school or he realized once he left home that he didn't want to keep the relationship going but is too afraid to say so. I would call him! You are half the relationship, so you should feel free to make the first move on things like talking. Just tell him you miss talking to him everyday and ask if there's a good time (like after dinner or before his first class for example) when you can chat everyday. Tell him you want to make it work and be honest! Good luck!

Thanks for your response, its really helped!! I don't mean to make it seem like he hasn't communicated with me @ all, but it's just he hasn't communicated with me as much as he did when he was home.