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was he genuine? or was i the sucker!

Published on March 19, 2013 by michelle666

i recently reconnected (through text; whatsaapp)with an old friend after 17 yrs and he confessed that he's always been in love with me since school. i was happy abt this so we started chatting on whatsapp frequently, sometimes everyday..and he regularly told me he loved me.since i wasnt sure abt my own feelings i never said it back. after 3 months of chatting (he never bothered calling me!) he invited me on a trip and i agreed. i told him my dad would call him just to make sure i wasnt travelling with some serial killer etc but he never picked the call. and when i asked why he never called he claimed his job made it difficult.i thot this was wierd since he goes home every night but still doesnt we planned the trip (i got time off work etc)and a week b4 it was due i asked him to change the sleeping arrangements as i found out that he had booked a suite for us to share! smh. i wasnt comfortable with this since i hadnt even 'spoken' to him much less spent time with him. a couple of days later he said we shd postpone the trip to the following year!!! i was extremely upset so told him i cant make it...he apologised but hasnt texted me since. was he genuine??