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Wanting my ex back trust issue maybe?

Published on January 8, 2013 by azz9069

Hi, I broke up with my ex back in september i cheated on her with another girl.It wasnt the first time.. Everytime she stayed around and we worked it out even tho i know it was hurting her.About a month after we broke up i relised what iam missing and want her back i have been trying for like 3months but she just doesnt want to... i belive it's a trust issue thats stopping it...Do you have any advice on what i can do? thank you


You cheated on her several times and you think she might be refusing to take you back due to trust issues - amazing deduction Sherlock Holmes!

IF she will take you back, it will take couples therapy, and a whole lot of time on good behavior for you to regain her trust and forgiveness (though she'll never forget what you've done to her).

It's quite possible she can't forgive you (I wouldn't), that you've blown it and it's over between you two. If that's the case, let her go, and don't cheat on your next girlfriend.