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want suckling so bad

Published on February 5, 2012 by curiouscarole

i am engaged to a awesome guy ,i have a bi friend who had suckled me a few times in the past and i absolutely loved it ,i want it so bad ,would i be cheating if i let him suckle my breasts


Well...would you consider it cheating if your guy let someone suckle his penis? If not, let him know that you want your friend to suckle your breast and see if he is ok with it. If you would have a problem with it, then is probably cheating. My husband would definitely consider it cheating if I had someone suckle my breasts.

I'm sure it's a silly question but, why is your fiance not doing this for you? If you love it that much you would think he would love to be the one doing it for you. Have you spoken to him about it, told him how much you enjoy it and want to share it with him. Obviously it's important enough for you to want it so much you would consider stepping outside the relationship so let your fiance know, if you haven't already. I've always found that as soon as they find out just how much you love a certain move or act they can't wait to keep giving you that pleasure. Most men, at least in my experience, are all about being able to please their women. Ego boosting for them I guess.

I have told him that I love it and if he wanted to make it a lifestyle I would be very happy with that , his mom is very old and dying ,therefore he has not been the least bit interested in sex at all and I haven't seen him in a week and we haven't had sex in about 2 months ,since he has so much stress he says he is not interested at all , I can't help this feeling of neeDing that I'm NOT tAlking about having sex of any kind just suckling although it does get me very horny but I would take care of myself at that point and not in front of my friend ,I really don't know what to do ?