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Is waiting 10 years, just TO long...

Published on October 7, 2010 by oela

I'm in a very loving relationship and we love each other very much. we have a daughter that is 6 years old but been waiting 10 years for him to pop the question. what can i do?


Have you tried telling him that you want to get married? Tell him how you feel. Maybe he thinks you like things the way they are?

He isn't going to marry you. If he is so much in love with you, then he would want to make that step. Let me be clear: when a man wants a woman- I mean REALLY, TRULY wants a woman- he will do all he can to keep that woman in his life. Plus, in his mind, he's thinking that if he's been with you all of this time, then what else does he have to prove?

simple answer. Yes its too long. I told my partner that i wont wait longer than 4 years. i hope he understood what i meant..

I agree with tbone. If he hasn't expressed interest in marrying you after ten years then chances are it isn't going to happen. Don't waste anymore years with this man, It's time to move on. God has better for you than this. He'll send you the one who is right for you and won't hesitate to commit to you FULLY! I'll be praying for you.