It's normal to have sexual urges and to think about sex a lot-- especially when you're a teenager. It doesn't mean you'll be a sex addict. Just try to keep your personal values and priorities in mind and think carefully before you decide to have sex (or sexual intimacy) with someone else. When you do decide that it's the right time and the right person, be sure to use protection so that you can stay healthy!

Best Wishes, Susie and Otto Collins

You're a teenager - by definition, that means you're little more than one giant raging hormone with eyeballs. Rational thought is not a noted trait among your peer group

Just hold yourself in check until you find someone whom you really care about (someone you'd care about even if you didn't want to get naked and screwing like a pair of minks). Sex is good, but sex with someone you love is so much better. Go masturbate (discreetly!) for physical relief, if need be, but save sex for someone who means something to you.