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very confused over silence

Published on August 1, 2013 by trigger82

Well I meet this truly wonderful woman who is 7 year's older im 31. From very first contact we connected extremely quick and she understands me better than anyone ive known all my life,

we both admitted strong feelings for one another, I have never experienced this type of feeling ever especially so quick and I ended up backing off a bit confused and to be honest scared of what I felt.

Well stupid me got a first date with another girl which failed, the woman knew about this date as where very honest with each other as I was a frienship/possible love interest at the time...

after the failed date about a week later I realized I was running from what I truly want, I know I hurt this woman as ive now been given the silent treatment for over a week now.. ive told her I'll wait till shes ready to forgive and ive promised I wont run and will wait, I send her morning and night messages but the silence is killing me, ive even asked her to be honest and just to let me know if she has lost interest in me if she had and I still get no answer..

It is this non reply to my direct question keeping my hopes up. She knows im hurting now over my stupidity but as I told her I'll text her morning and night to prove my loyalty and patience in that I wont go anywhere regardless of time, until she tells me otherwise...

So I know shes hurting but is this now testing/payback or worse as in ive permanently messed up..

Sorry for the bad layout, bit harder on a phone


The woman has most likely got some advice from her girlfriends and they probably recommended her to prolong the silent treatment so that you can feel how she felt when you went off with another woman.

Truth is, women hate being 2nd best, and especially to another woman. She is probably feeling that you only running back to her because the other woman that you dated didn't reciprocate your feelings. However if she had done, then you wouldn't be going back to her.

You need to find a way to show her that she is ultimately first place. This may mean going out your way and doing something spontaneous to win her heart back. I recommend calling her to arrange a face to face meeting again.

Best of luck with that!