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Very confused

Published on February 25, 2014 by jayduffy

Me and my boyfriend have been dating (I guess you could say) on and off for almost 4 years now, I know we love each other and enjoy each other's company.. For the half of year he was been working in another province 3 weeks of the month and is back for one week.. It seems to be going well.. He is back home tomorrow and is staying home (they get layed off during spring). Anyway, we have been dating this long and still do not live together or anything... And he has never mentioned moving in together... I'd love too but I don't see the point in asking him because if he wanted to he would have asked me right ?... I'm very cunfused I'm not sure if he has commitment issues or is it just with me ? What am I doing wrong ? Am I too immature ? (I'm 21 he is 25) I get really jealous when I see out friends that our couples that have been dating less time and already live together and maybe even talking about having a child.... Not that I'm ready for a kid but It's just a thought...... If he wanted all this with me would it have happend already ? Am I just being impatient ? I'm worried that I might be wasting my time if he isn't commited to me the way I feel I am..... I'm really really confused . And I'm scared to walk away and regret it :(


You need to be patient with him especially now that he's less busy,spend more time together,ask his plans for now and for the future..perhaps he would respond by saying "I'll make more money and buy us a home in Vegas"

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