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Very Confused!

Published on August 22, 2013 by amc163

This is going to be very long so I apologize. My boyfriend of 11 months is confusing the hell out of me! He was with his ex girlfriend for 4 years, they lived together for 2 1/2, he claims that she told him they weren't ready to get married so that is why he never proposed to her. So 2 years ago she ended up leaving him and found another man 1 month later, she then ended up getting married 8 months later! Which makes me think that she did want to get married. She got married right around the time that I met him. We started dating while I was at school and I moved home 2 months later. Once I moved home I started staying at his house every night, so now we are in a pattern where I am staying with him every night but all of my clothes and belongings are at my parents house with the exception of having a tooth brush and shower supplies at his place, other than that I bring over a change of clothes every night. He never told me he loved me until about 4 weeks ago and since then we have only said it 2 times. I should add how sweet he is to me! I have never had a man treat me the way that he does. He will buy me things, he stocks his fridge with anything and everything that I like and he always makes sure that I am happy. He goes out of his way to make sure I am okay and he makes me laugh in every way. Although back to a negative part he is a workaholic. He owns his own business that demands for him to work from 8 AM to nearly 8 pm. I come from a family business as well so I know what it means to work late so that doesn't bother me as bad. And he always expresses to me how much it means to him that I understand his business and then he adds that it gives him confidence that he could be with me for a very long time. But...... he is LATE to everything! And its not 5 minutes late. It is 40-60 minutes late, he has even made my whole family wait on him at my birthday dinner because he was late working even after he promised me that he would be on time. He gets off work in time on days where I need him, it's just that he goes home to shower and takes his time, its things where he can certainly help to not be late but he just does it because he's just slow and he flat out told me he doesn't care or feel bad when he's late to things. This upsets me a lot! I talked to him last week about when he would want me to move in with him and his answer was he wanted to wait another YEAR! I told him there's no way I'm just going to stay the night with him every night, he knows I have the money for rent so I don't understand what's holding him back. I've talked to him about it and he says he just wants me to use my parents as much as possible because that's what he wished he had done, but that's not what I want to do! I want to move out of my parents house so the only other option is to get an apartment but its useless to get an apartment when im staying at his house every night, so I told him that If I got a place I wouldn't be able to stay the night at his house very much anymore and he was upset about it! He came back with no but I want you to stay every night. So I'm completely lost. Im afraid that his ex went 5 years and then realized he was never going to propose to her and I am afraid that he is going to do that to me! I guess my question is what would you do in this confusing situation? How should I be handling all of this? Oh and he's 26 and I'm 21, its the fact that he is so amazing to me that makes all of this even harder. Please help me! Again, im sorry for how long this is!