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using the 80/20 rule with a male friend of 20 yrs

Published on September 22, 2013 by yatis

recently my spouse passed 1 yr and 9 mo ago. at the same time a friend of me and my husband went thru a horible divorce at the same time my husband passed. he and i were close after the passing of my spouse and the divorce of his wife. i care for this man very much and he cares for me. we have been intimate with each other since what has happened to his wife and the passing of my spouse. we see each other frequently and call each other nearly every day. Just recently he had a friend he calls a good friend of his family to spend a week at his home and she is from out of town. i feel they have been intimate. he did not take any of my calls when she was at his home and i have been there for him thru thick and then. what or how should i treat him after this, i do not trust him as much now. should i still have sex with him? please advise.