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Trying to understand

Published on July 26, 2013 by lilyd

Recently, I met a man at his place of work. We had actually met very briefly a year before (I was with my fiancee at the time though we broke up later that year) - after which I had sent him one work related email. On this second meeting when his colleague asked him if he remembered me from the previous year he answered 'of course' and our eyes met and held for a second or two longer than normal (btw, in his line of work he meets hundreds of people). Ok, my heart skipped a beat for a minute... I admit. During the rest of the short event I didn't look at him again (too nervous) & spoke to others including a few of his colleagues. He left shortly after. A few days later I saw him at another event in his work place. He was in the middle of talking with clients (there were a lot of people around him & camera too) and I walked right past him ... Again without looking (again... Nervous)... But my sister and little 8-year old niece wanted to go back and say hello (since they had also met him the year before). I went too - saying nothing. After their brief exchange my little niece asks him "I remember you were here last time too. Do you remember me?" & when he replied positively she said "wow, you're smart!" At this point he looked me directly in the eyes and whispered something in her little ear. As we walked past him to leave, I was last in our little group's line... I looked up and our eyes met & held! Strong, unblinking eye contact... Until I was right in front of him and he gave me a slow wink and continued to look me in the eyes until I was forced to look away because I had passed. Of course I asked my niece what had he whispered to her... "I only remember the pretty girls". Although we were once again in the same room for about five minutes later that evening, I was with my family or standing apart but texting a colleague while he was with a colleague and clients, he did not approach in those few moments. Obviously, I'm asking what you think any of this meant, because I'm interested. Help!