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Try or Keep Trying ?

Published on August 16, 2013 by girlproblems

My ex & I have been together for 2+ yrs & we recently broke up a month & a half ago. Two weeks before the break up that I found out I was pregnant , & we knew it wasn't great timing because of the bumps in our relationship but it happened & we accepted it . In a heated argument , he left the house & moved out , but this time he didn't cone back home within the week. Something about this time is different. I've apologized & asked if he can come home , I also begged if we can work it out for the babies sake & he has been so cold & not responding & ignoring me , which after many arguments he's never done . Then I found out he's been talking to some online that lives in another state, basically dreaming of building a relationship with her & from what it seem he's emotionally attached because he getsfrom ber what I don't give him , support & non judgmental conversation . I was shocked . yeah we've had problems but we never ran to outsiders to distract us, although I know he feels some type of way for the young lady. idk if its just in the moment or a rebound from me or if he found someone (even though shes in another state) too just talk too. I ask him if he loves me & is he still in love with me & he says he does, But he says he doesn't want to be with me because he's tired of the back & forth . He still communicates for the baby & makes doctors appt. At one appointment , he rubbed my belly , & actually kissed me VERY passionately . He sends mixed signals & he knows I love him & I want to be a family . However he still hasn't been home or to my home , its been tough & he knows it . I just don't know if I should completely stop talking to him & showing him I want him or keep trying in hopes my relationship will work & he will see my effort. I just don't know . I really love him , & I just want us too work , but is it healthy too continue?


Well it's certainly a very complicated situation.. First of all how old are you? Cause maybe you're too young to start a family and especially when your relationship has reached this point. I don't mean to be harsh on you but i think that you're relationship has come to an edgy end that if it wasn't for the baby you would probably had broken up already. He might says he loves you just for what you've been through and for the baby but he was clearly ready to move on when he left. I know it's hard for you to take the decision and have an abortion but i honestly think that there's no hope for your relationship and that when the baby is born you might get closer because he will be very emotional and excited but there will be no long-lasting future with him. He'll eventually get tired and won't be able to face the responsibilities and then he might leave for real... On the other hand you can take the difficult decision to become a single mom but this takes a lot of thought.. I really hope you work things out!