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Too distracting?

Published on September 23, 2012 by julianakimdo13

Hi! I was recently in a relationship with an uni guy. We going out for about 3 months, but now he wants a break. He thinks I'm too 'distracting' for him and his uni life. He keep saying that I was distracting him from studying. He also said that since both our families are strict and traditional about dating and celibacy we should take a break. What does this mean? And should I even bother going out with him after the break?

ps. The break is 1- 1 and half years? And he was planning on 'saving himself' until after marriage, he's pretty religious.


You already know this ... if he tells you he wants a break, he's not as in love with you as you deserve to be loved. Forget about just having a break. Leave him to find the one who really thinks you are unbelievably great. Don't worry, there are so many ready to be with you. You just have to take your time in finding the one worthy of your love. Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to write back.

My advice is to agree with him about taking a break. The reasons he stated about wanting a break are about him and his needs and wants. Think of these things as his issues, not yours. I do not think it is in your best interest to wait until he is ready to resume the relationship. Be the chooser in your relationships. Do not wait to be chosen. This is an opportunity for you to meet someone else that will appreciate your brilliant authentic self.

I see that is personally respecting his commitments to his faith and his studies. Most relationship get caught up in the passion, sex, and fun or things with the expense of career and life goals which carry in the relationships. If you respect the man and see him as a potential husband then I would wait. If you don't values those things, then give him the courtesy that you are pursuing other relationships. Men typically want to wear things stand. It is a rare catch that anyone will save themselves for their future wife/husband. This will in the long term bring great joy, comfort, and safety, in your marriage than he has none to compare to you. Understanding his faith, will give you clarity as to why he is making these decisions.

Lastly, if he is religious as you claim him to be and you are not in the short term you be ok but as times go on it will divide you. Living out a faith fully tends to divide the couples because of the differences. Just something else to ponder on in your decision

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