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To date or not to date a single dad

Published on April 16, 2013 by jmendoza

He is a single dad. His son's mother is always bugging him.She could be nasty at times. He has asked me out two times. I didn't consider them dates. One of them was an outing to a museum with his son. I am attracted to him. We share many of the same values, especially our faith. I am not sure if the crazy woman 'baby's momma' out weights the positive aspects. I am not sure if I want to deal with that.


Dating a single parent can be tricky if there is a lot of tension between your love interest and his ex. You'll need to get along with his ex and be respectful of their relationship because they have a child together, and that child will need both his parents to interact and communicate as co-parents for years to come. Also, be careful of entering into a relationship with him if they are freshly separated because you don't want to get in the middle of two parents who might reconcile, and plus, who wants to be a rebound? Good luck! :)

Decide whether or not you can/want to at least occassionally deal with this woman. As the child's mother, she will always be a presence in his and his father's life.