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Published on February 6, 2013 by chica0428

I want to know why am i so ticklish around my cliterus. My husband trys oral and i cant let him because i get ticklish and he trys other ways and i get ticklish. How can i stop beign so ticklish ,so i can enjoy sex with my huband


Is it just too sensitive to direct pressure, or is it simply the WAY in which he's touching it? You may be able to get satisfaction by trying different positions that have him contacting you at different angles. If it's too sensitive from ANY angle, you may want to try using a local desensitizing cream on and around you clitoris before having sex (though I imagine that would rule out him doing oral on you - the cream probably doesn't taste all that good).

You could also try having your husband experiment with how firmly and forcefully he touches you. My wife is very ticklish to light touches on her back, belly, or thighs, but finds firm contact to be enjoyable.