First of all your partner is committed.He is having a life with another woman,where do you fall?

You don't say what your relationship with this guy currently is. Anyway, you do not have a romantic/intimate/love future with this guy. That is to be (and SHOULD be) the exclusive domain of his wife. Would you actually want a relationship with a man who would cheat on his wife?

Whatever you may have had with this man, he declared it to be over when he proposed to his fiance. If you have ANY future relationship with him it is to be strictly platonic - as friends or coworkers only. Even then, given your already stated love for a man you know to be unavailable, I doubt your ability to maintain proper boundaries. My strong advice is to move on with your life, let them move on with theirs, and leave them alone. You don't want to be a potential homewrecker.

Eish that is so true.I ve always told him the same thing and he would bluff me and say he knows where to put me.I want a better and healthy relationship