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The feelings I have for this guy are not reciprocated now what?

Published on April 15, 2013 by luna2012

A couple nights ago, I messaged this guy that I've been crushing on big time saying that I like him and he said he only saw me as a friend.How do I get out the friend zone?


You really can't "manipulate " yourself into someones heart and out of the friend zone...Just respect his resolve to befriend you and leave it at that. If he finds a way to esteem you outside of the friendship for a love /relationship, or sex at a later time-surely he will let you know; But I would be cautious in using that mindset that you can somehow "WILL yourself into someones life" that very mindset can and most oftentimes lead to a person just not wanting anything to do with you because it gets aggravating, annoying , and disrespectful. Here's why: I had a female that I told that I only liked her as a friend and she felt like since she is an Aquarius she tried to tell me I didn't know what I wanted which was insulting. She continued to direct sexual overtones at me. Each time i rejected her she would intensify her schemes to try to win me over and I eventually cursed her out. I told her we would never ever ever have sex and to please don't text or call me anymore. I can only tolerate her for an hour at a time now as platonic friends, and eventually forgave her. People who don't take NO for an answer should be in the friend zone because your saying you don't listen well, don't follow instructions well, inconsiderate of others, and