PLEASE PLEASE Think it through. If either one of you have a jealous bone in your body this will be a failure of epic proportions. Even if you think you can manage it, try visualizing it in your head, the picture of someone else with your man, or vice versa. And now imagine that the other person decides they dont want to just fade into the background once play time is over. It can get super messy, and ugly and emotional. Only one couple I know that had this kind of lifestyle lasted longer than the first year, most didnt make it 6 months.

Hi sexylady,

Why do you wish to try “swinging”? What is missing in your bedroom? I suggest that you discuss your needs with your husband and do your best to get those needs met in your bedroom with our husband prior to swinging. If after a discussion with your husband, you agree to share with others, go for it but make sure you have some safe word or code if things go too far. I get the feeling that one of you realizes that “swinging” might be a bit much. I really hope I am wrong.

Let us know how it goes.