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Still Can't get over my ex.

Published on October 28, 2013 by azzavhar

I still Can't get over my ex.

I think about her every day. I ended the relationship and regret it every day. There's not a day that goes by that I don't regret ending it. It ended over 20 months ago now. She was my first and only real love. I've never felt anything for anyone like I felt and still feel for her. And even after all this time she would still give me a second chance, would I be a fool to turn that chance down?

The problem I have is that, I have begun a new relationship now which now makes things a lot more difficult. It now means that me starting my old relationship again would have crippling affects on the girl that I am now with in the new relationship! HELP!


You need to be honest with both parties. Have you explained how you feel to your ex? If not, you can't just expect that she will take you back after all this time. You also shouldn't be stringing along your current girlfriend. You need to find closure from your past relationship, and this involves discussing it with your ex. When you have this discussion, you MUST tell your current partner before it takes place. Do not keep secrets from either person. You can't have a successful new relationship until you feel ready to be completely emotionally invested in it. This isn't fair to your current partner.

Is it fair to stay with her anyways if you always think of your ex? End it she needs someone who thinks of her that way and you need to see if there is something there with the ex

Thank you for your answers. Yes, in a relationship each person should be devoted to each other. Quite simply dedicated to the other person, without confusion, without doubt, without fear. I cannot keep hurting anybody else whilst I am in this haze of confusion (Or should I say 'was' in this haze of confusion). I realise this in full now. I need to go and have some conversations. Thank you.