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stay or go?

Published on July 9, 2010 by lindsaylegler

i got involved with a guy who just got out of a serious long term relationship and has a kid with her. he treated me way good for the first few weeks then outta no where decided he couldnt do it things were going to fast. he still talked to me but cut me off alot. then i tryed just being his friend and hangin out with him and his other friend. we all got along great and he still treate me like he still wants me. but then i saw him with another girl at the same party..not kissing or being affectionate but only talking to her. i got upset and had been drinkning and freaked out but the next day he still talked to me. he puts up with all my crap but if i dont talk to him first he wont talk... i really like him and dont wanna let him go everyone says i need to but i litterally feel like i cant.. i still hang out with him but i think he still likes me..he still gets jealous of other guys.. but idk he just got out of a three year relationship and needs time. i am willing to wait but scared he wants other girls/ i am trying hard to be strong but its hard. i want him to fall for me more if there is any chance..if not i will do my best to just be a friend cause i cant avoid him he is everywhere in this small town.