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Stay or go

Published on September 5, 2013 by scorpionlove

I've been in a relationship with a guy for almost two years now, we are both divorced and I have a daughter whom he accepted both her and I to be a part of his life. In the beginning of our relationship, we took it very slow and saw each other maybe once or twice a week but texted each other daily. My daughter and I moved in with him 6momths ago and he will be leaving for a 6month school next month (he is in the navy). After the school, he wants my daughter and I to move with him to his new duty station. The problem I face is that sometimes I feel as if he doesn't show me that he cares or loves me. When we have these talks, he tells me that he does and he is usually shocked that I feel this way. He is very independent, quiet, shy and doesn't express his feelings very well. He is a wonderful person in general, he doesn't drink or go out, he comes home after work, he is very empathizes for people in general, he doesn't believe in cheating, he is very accepting and focused at work.. The list goes on and on. But I feel like if he really cared about me or loved me, he would show at least a little bit of jealousy when I go out, or be more attentive to me when we are together, tell me loving things once in a while and not only after we have a fight about it. The things that made me question his love for me even more is when he goes to a different country for work (I know he doesn't have it in him to cheat) but sometimes he fails to contact me even once a day just to see how I am doing or tell me about his day etc. he also looks at other women alot and when I confront him about it he says it's normal and there is no devious intention to it what so ever. Maybe this is an insecurity issue that I just need to get over. But when he does that on top of not complimenting me all the time or telling me loving things, I get insecure. He tells me that I am very attractive so I shouldn't feel insecure and that he should be the one feeling insecure about me leaving him. I think he is just more stable about our relationship and knows that I will not do something to hurt us. There are so many great things about him that make me feel like we are meant to be together but I don't know if I can feel completely happy without really Feeling like he cares about me and loves me as much as he tells me he does. Help! I need to figure this out in a month before he leaves.