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Spring Break...what about me?

Published on March 12, 2013 by pinkmatter1908

So my boyfriend and I of three years went on a cruise in January. I am in a first year Masters program in Philly while he is finishing up his last semester of undergrad in South Carolina (yes we met in undergrad in SC) I MISS HIM SO MUCH and I always tell him how much I miss him and he tells me he misses me too. I wanted to go see him but one thing about my boyfriend is that he is extremely focused (which i love) so since he has until May he wants to use all his time to study for his Nclex (registered nurse license) So that he can come out of undergrad and land a stable job. I tried my best to make him let me come see him and he is just not having it. So I forgot about it and thought I will just see him after graduation....I TRUST HIM 100%. So no I don't think he being dishonest at all. BUT NOW he is on his spring break. He has been studying and such. But today he told me his cousin (who we just visited in florida in January before and after our cruise AND who he met up in DC with weeks later before heading back to school) wants my boyfriend to come down to florida and spend some break time with him. His cousin said he will pay for everything. & yes although it sounds fun I'm kind of like "well you know I, YOUR GIRLFRIEND wanted to see you whenever you had a break" & when i mentioned coming for spring break he told me he would be studying BUT NOW he is speaking about driving down to Miami, FL partying it up with his cousin. DO I HAVE A REASON TO BE UPSET? AM I BEING JEALOUS, SELFISH ETC? HELP