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So...What are the steps to finding Mr. Right or Mrs. Right?

Published on April 17, 2010 by tchloe1011

So, I've been in some relationships in which I hate. I'd wake up and wish I was back too single, but all of the guys I've dated just don't meet my standards or dream- ideal guy. How to get too my Mr. Right? I mean, I believe he's out there, but where? I could make a list right now; In what I'm looking for in a guy and still can't get too him; Why is that? Can anyone help me? How can I stop being so insecure about men? I believe that all men are out to hurt me, cheat on me, or use me.


Unitl you get past that comcept that you have about men, then you will not keep Mr. Right. You may vey well find him, and it's entirely possible that you already have. No man worth anything wants to deal with an insecure woman. It's simply too much of a headache. A relationship takes a lot of hard work, and doesn't need to be compounded by someone who is insecure. Do you really think that a man wants to be with a woman who won't trust him, even though he hasn't done anything to deserve the "dog" label?

Look, if you want to meet Mr. Right, then get your act together. Stop with the unnecessary accusations. Knock off the constant barrage of questions. Make yourself into a better person, and when the time is right, you will meet the man you're looking for.

Hello Tchloe 1011, You write that you could make a list right now ... I assume you mean of traits you want in your ideal guy. Then make then list--and stick to it! When you say that you've been in relationships that you hate, and that you wake up and wish you were still single. . . I think this has a lot to do with why you're stuck. The point of making "your wish list" is that you never settle. It doesn't matter how bored you are or that you don't have a date for the weekend. It's not worth dating just for the sake of dating, because with each relationship you enter that is below your standards, you are weakening your mindset and increasing insecurity. Decide what you want, and stay strong. Never settle. That kind of attitude will show on the outside and attract a better type of guy. The men you date don't necessarily have to match all of the traits on your list, but they do have to be generally the type of guy you want in your future. So that's my suggestion and something to think about. Best wishes and good luck! Lesley O'Brien