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sometimes i feel like i cant talk to my husband anything i say whether its in anger or nice, he gets furious?

Published on March 5, 2010 by tlenoir1981

It seems like i am always saying sorry to my husband and half the time i dont know what im aplogizing for. I just want to keep the peace and not argue. If i talk to him about my feelings whether we are yelling or i try to calmly talk to him it ends up where he is furious. I am wondering if he married me because he was in his thirties and we had children and he wanted to make things look right? I would be devesated without him but somehow i feel he is over it. That he puts up with me because of my title as his wife and not for the person that i am. Any advice???


You should be able to talk to your husband about your feelings. That is probably the most important part of a relationship. If you want to make it work, you should definitely try couples counseling. If you honestly feel like he's only with you because of your children and he doesn't love you, it's probably best for you to divorce and find someone that does love you. You are not doing your kids any favors by staying in a loveless marriage. But ask yourself, Do you love your husband? Do you want your marriage to work? If you do, you should at least try to get counseling before giving up.