I have. Currently with a co-worker. We have been having our "affair" for 1 1/2 years. He is much younger than I am he is 31 and I am 46. He is a great guy, but I feel I am on an emotional rollercoaster with him. We flirt, fool around end up hooking up then it all stops for 1-6 weeks, then starts all back again. It has been this way since we re-got back together 9 months ago. I'm not aloud to call him, if I do, he always ends up mad with me. I'll see what happens Tuesday, as I called him at his other job on Sunday. We had an argument, and ended our relationship for about 3 months. He appologized to me and we re-started back up. But this tiime I do not always know where I stand. Lately, I feel like he is the one in charge, and when we have sex it seems like only when it is convient for him. Not to be "up" on myself, but I have 5 other guys who want to start something with me. They have approached me. But, I really like the guy I am fooling around with. Is what I am going through normal with most affairs? This is my first affair so I have nothing to compare it to. I would just like to know how he feels. I'm afraid to ask, as I do not want to jepordize anything with him. We are from different cultures, he is hispanic and I am white. Any thoughts?