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So, does this guy like me?

Published on October 13, 2013 by st00pidness

Angelique Sign Out Ask a Question Answers Home Notifications My Activities Categories Community Guidelines Send Feedback Help Other Sites Yahoo Mail News Finance Sports More View Desktop Version About Yahoo Privacy & Terms © 2013 Yahoo! Inc Singles & Dating Your Undecided Question Next So, do you think this guy likes me? So, I have a seriously huge crush on my driving instructor - who is a single guy of 26. I am 21, so there is really no strange age difference or anything. The thing is, I am really not sure if he likes me as well or is just being nice to me because he has too? I don't know any other girl that also drives with him so I don't know if the way he acts with me is his usual behavior towards girls. Some of the "signs" that made me think he might be flirting/interested in me:

  • He asked me if I was single (the conversation just sort off went there, lol), I said I was single and he just laughed. It hasn't really come up ever since though.
  • He asked me what kind of actors I would find attractive, he did also mention actresses/celebrities he would like, lol.
  • He constantly teases me. I once told him the name of an actor I like and three weeks later (he was with vacation) he kept on mentioning the actor I liked every time. For example: "Look out when you turn, what if (name actor) would be standing there." and so forth.
  • Once when I was done with driving he told me: "Not to flirt with too many guys"

I really don't know if I should think more behind it. I feel like this might just be his natural behavior (he is really easy-going) and I feel flattered over nothing. I tried googling for some signs that show a guy likes you but this usually doesn't apply when he only sits next to you in the car. Plus I don't think he would actually make a move since I am his student and all that.

Are there subtle ways I could maybe find out if he likes me or not? Not the obvious "do you like me?" question but more subtle ways, lol.

Thank you ~ xx