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so dnt knw

Published on November 27, 2013 by jstdntknw

a coworker and i have been'talking' for a few months. for the first two or so weeks he couldnt wait to see me and couldnt stop thinking about me. he would txt me almost all day every day. we were to meet one day after work but things didnt go as planned and i still remember how sad he looked when he told me. we did get together the nxt night but not what we planned the day before. we did have sex that night and he still continued doing the same things he did before. then a few weeks go by and those things got less and less til not much at all. about another passes and i told him i was in love with him. a couple days go by and he says he jst wants to be friends. i was very upset but agreed.he also didnt want friends with benifets thing cause he'll feel quilty. we still sat together at lunch.then about 3weeks pass and we have sex again. this happened maybe once a week.this whole time nither one of us have been with anyone else. then a week ago he tells me hes been talking to someone and we cant be like we was. i told him i was hurt but i was happy for him and thanked him for being honest with me.he said he had to tell me cause it wasnt fair to me or her if he didnt. we still continued taking lunch together. things going great. we actually talked more. then two nights ago on our lunch break something unexpected... he put me in his lap and puts his arms around me. a few minutes pass then he starts to kiss me and then, well, you knw.later tht morning i txt him and asked wht tht was about. he said he didnt knw and hes not sure whts going on. i txt him back and said i enjoyed it but felt bad cause he was talking to someone. he said he did too. return txt i told him i was sorry because i respect him and what he says. told me not to worry about it. last night at work he txt me asking when i was going to lunch and when i went he was there shotly after. i sat in his lap and unlike the other times, the day after sex, he was a little playful and he wrapped an arm around me. sorry about tht being so long. so finally heres my question... do you think he has real, true feelings for me and is affraid to show them more fo fear of getting hurt?