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So Confused!!

Published on March 31, 2013 by prettylittlemess

Me and my boyfriend have been together for six years now. We, of course, have our rough patches and fall outs. Although recently he lost his job and this has changed a lot. The bills are now on my shoulders, the food, the travel money - pretty much everything. He has become down and snaps a lot. he threatens to end it with me and accuses me of cheating. All I do is work and come home to cook clean and keep him happy. All I ever do is for him. I dont know how much more of this i can take.


Have you discussed this with him at all? If not, you need to have a good sit-down with him. He needs to know you are not willing to bear the brunt of his anger about losing his job. You need to make this very clear to him and don't back down. Confront him gently every time he takes the victim role.

Fortunately you are financially able to take care of yourself, so you are in a good position here. It will be easy for you to tell him he needs to shape up or find another place to live.

Life's too short. Make up your mind to be kind to yourself and stick to it!