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skeptical but willing

Published on February 8, 2012 by kkil83

I've been knowing this guy for about 7 months. we work together so i see him every now and again. out of those 7 months we've talked constantly and have went out together twice. He's everything that i could ask for as far as personality, morally and overall he;s just a nice guy and a gentlemen. the problem i have is that i'm not 100% physically attracted to him. I want to give him a chance but i dont know what to do


When you enjoy someone's company, and are not physically attracted to him, he is your friend, and that's what he should remain. Why would you want a bf who you can't gaze at and think, "Damn, he's hot." Would you want to date a guy who didn't have chemistry with you, but thought you were so damn nice that he decided to be with you anyway? Go for the gusto. Never settle. You only have one life on this planet. Good luck.