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shouldn't you see your boyfriend more than once a week?

Published on April 2, 2010 by zebrass

me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over three months, and things were looking good, but now all of a sudden it isn't. we never use to hangout everyday, so i was used to not seeing him all the time, however, i realized a few weeks ago, that i really do love him and wanted to be with him more. so i would ask to hangout with him, and he'd say okay, however, when i would want to hangout with him the next day, he'd always say, "i saw you yesterday." and that would be his excuse not to hangout. he's told me many times that he loves me, and he's getting attached to me, but if he really was, wouldn't that mean he would wanna hangout more than once a week? it really hurts that he doesn't wanna see me more, and the more i ask him if he wants to hangout and the more he says, "i already saw you yesterday," the more i feel like a clingy girlfriend. am i wasting my time? or i am expecting more than he is?


I don't know how old you are, but this sounds pretty normal for a younger person's relationship. Like middle school/early high school. I think it's obvious that you expect more from the relationship than him. He's content not really spending as much time with you as you'd like. Realistically though, if a guy really likes you he would want to spend time with you. If you don't feel satisfied with the relationship the way it is and he isn't really interested in anything more maybe it's time to end things. Sounds like it's slowly drifting that way anyway.

Even in my 30's I had a boyfriend who only saw me about once a week. I had become so used to it, but both my guy and girl friends said this was not normal. My guy friends assured me that if they hadn't seen their girlfriends at least every 2-3 days then they would be suspicious. Not out of possessiveness, but out of genuine interest in them. They also said that they felt that they needed have daily contact with their girlfriends (text, phone, etc.). I think everyone deserves the amount of attention they desire and shouldn't settle for less. It only becomes a problem when it interferes with your (and/or their) daily functions (job, school, friendships, etc.)

well me and my boyfriend are in college. so i don't know if that changes things. and we did move pretty fast into the relationship, so maybe thats why i expect more than he does.