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Should you give your ex a second chance?

Published on October 7, 2009 by xoxogossip

I'm reuniting with my ex for the first time sense we broke up. He told my friend he wants to get back together with me and is going to ask me when we hang out. My friend said he is totally different and really wants to try again, but I'm worried about all our problems from before and everything. So should I give him a second chance to make it work or should I keep in mind why it didn't work the first time and just move on?


Well that really depends a lot on why it didn't work the first time. What caused you to split up?

If it was a cheating issue on his part then no way, no how should you give him a second chance. He will just hurt you again.

If you split up because of something much less drastic then maybe but watch it. Really just analyze why you split up to begin with and ask yourself if it was something that he did, would you want to go through that again? That should also help in giving you your answer.

Sounds like you both are relying too much on telling other people what you think and feel and not telling one another. I think you two should sit down and talk about it. In my mind, its not true unless he's told me himself. I think its actually a little disrespectful to discuss your business with other people instead of the person it directly concerns. Don't rely on your friends. If he's different he can show you himself and tell you himself, this passive aggressive way around the situation smacks of immaturity.

You touch on problems that happened the first time, but you need to get specific. If the problems were enough to cause the breakup, then you need to strongly evaluate whether or not they will resurface. Guantlete has it eight ono that point. Not only that, but both of you have changed since the breakup. Maybe in subtle ways, and maybe in some not-so-subtle ways, but both of you have chahged. That needs to be considered also.

Lyz stated that he's telling his friends, but he's not telling YOU. To me, this suggests that he did something to cause the breakup, and he's using your friend as an ice breaker.